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WASP, Inc. Employment Opportunities

Job Title Shift Positions Available Location
Assembly   Nights   5 Glenwood, MN 
Electrical Designer Days   1 Glenwood, MN 
Fabricator   Weekend  1 Glenwood, MN
Fabricato Nights  2 Glenwood, MN
HR Intern  Days  1 Glenwood, MN 
Oven Operator Nights   1 Glenwood, MN 
Painter & Prep   Days   2 Glenwood, MN 
Painter & Prep Nights  2 Glenwood, MN
Material Handler  Days  1 Glenwood, MN

Material Handler  

Nights   1

Glenwood, MN 

Sales Support Engineer     Days   1  Glenwood, MN
Senior Accountant  Days  1 Glenwood, MN
Senior Mechanical Engineer   Days   1 Glenwood, MN 
Welder Nights  6 Glenwood, MN 
Assembly    Nights  Falls City, NE 
Material Handler  Nights Falls City, NE
Painter & Prep  Days Falls Ciity, NE
Painter & Prep  Nights 2 Falls City, NE 
Safety Coordinator  Days Falls City, NE 
Welder (PDF) Nights  3 Falls City, NE 


If you are interested in applying for a position at WASP, Inc., we invite you to print our application and mail it to:

Human Resources WASP, Inc. 20631 State Highway 55, PO Box 249, Glenwood, MN 56334 or email your resume to tjergenson@waspinc.com


PHONE:  1-320-634-7384

FAX: 1-320-634-5880

Download Job Application (PDF - 34KB)

WASP, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity/Affirmative Action Employer and 100% Employee Owned.

WASP, Inc. | Making a World of Difference